National Telehealth Policy

Telehealth is an increasingly valuable tool to achieve national health care reform goals.  As the National Telehealth Policy Resource Center, CCHP monitors both state and federal telehealth legislation to provide the clearest picture of telehealth policy across the nation.

In 2012, CCHP was selected by the Health Resources and Services Administration to be the National Telehealth Policy Resource Center (NTRC-P) (Grant #G22RH230365) for the country. In this capacity CCHP serves as an independent center of excellence in telehealth policy providing policy technical assistance to twelve telehealth regional resource centers nationwide. In addition to acting as the NTRC-P, CCHP also collaborates with policymakers, researchers, industry leaders, health advocacy organizations, and other influential groups to advance valuable telehealth policy solutions based on non-partisan research.

Telehealth policy intersects or is impacted by a multitude of government programs, regulations, laws and policies related to health. For more information on how these issues relate to telehealth, click on a link below: