CCHP’s mission is to advance state and national telehealth policies that promote better systems of care, improved health outcomes, and provide greater health equity of access to quality, affordable care and services. 

Telehealth technologies can increase access to care, improve quality, decrease costs and gain the most efficient use of the skills of health care professionals.  Despite the growing body of evidence reflecting the benefits of telehealth, state and federal policy have not been sufficiently responsive to allow its optimal use.

CCHP research and policy analyses highlight state and federal telehealth policy barriers and solutions, while its demonstration projects, such as the Specialty Care Safety Net Initiative, have provided useful learnings about telehealth in practice.

CCHP also believes it can be a catalyst for change by bringing policy makers together with private health care sector, health plans, academic researchers, and consumer health advocates to create successful models of connected care, where telehealth and more transparent systems of communication between providers and patients can lead to better health outcomes and greater efficiencies in the delivery system.