Pending Legislation and Regulation

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AL Rule: Medicaid - Physician Certification and Recertification

Stipulates that for purposes of Medicaid reimbursement for home health care, the patient’s attending physician must certify the need for home health services based on a face to face encounter, which can be conducted using telehealth.


AR Rule: Board of Nursing - Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Title: Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Agency: Board of Nursing

AR Rule: Division of Medical Services - Provider-Led Arkansas Shared Savings Entities

A new Provider-Led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity (PASSE) Program policy manual is available for all PASSE providers.  Provides a definition for telemedicine and allows the required face-to-face encounter for care coordinators to take place over telemedicine.


AZ Legislation: HB 2042 - Urology

Adds urology to the list of services required to be reimbursed by private payers in the state.


CA Rule: Emergency Medical Services Authority - Stroke Critical Care System

Adds a new definition of telemedicine and stipulates requirements for local EMS agency stroke critical care systems, including that emergency department neurological expertise be provided in person or through telemedicine in acute stroke ready hospitals.


CO Legislation: HB 1045 - Silver Diamine Flouride Reimbursement

To the extent that state Medicaid or children's basic health plan reimbursement is available for the application of silver diamine fluoride, the reimbursement will extend to services provided via telehealth in connection with the application.


DE Rule: Speech Pathologists and Hearing Dispensing

Amends rules pertaining to the Board of Speech/Language Pathologists, Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dispensers which addresses practice by telecommunications, and add adds a new section pertaining to telepractice.

DE Rule: Board of Dentistry and Dental Hygiene - Dentistry and Dental Hygiene

Adds provisions for the practice of teledentistry.

DE Rule: Board of Examiners Speech Language Pathologists

This rule would amend rules to set forth standards and requirements in order to allow licensees to engage in telepractice while protecting the public.

DE Rule: Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline - Telemedicine Requirements

This rule revises current regulation, adding a new regulation clarifying the language in the Medical Practice Act pertaining to telemedicine and telehealth.